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Bundl book: noun; a thoughtful gift; a physical book of heartfelt, prompt-driven letters and pictures from your recipient's friends and family meant to encourage, inspire, and remind the recipient of the love they have around them. Perfect for birthdays, babyshowers, retirements, etc.

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How it works:

Give us the basics:

We just need a few things from you. Tell us what you want your friends and family to write about (those are the prompts). Write a welcome message for them. Give us their contact details, and we'll help you collect these. Tell us who the gift is for and where we should send the Bundl. And finally, give us your email so we can keep you updated.

We handle everything else:

We'll ask your friends and family to write their messages and submit their pictures with your welcome message and collect all of your submissions. We'll put everything together in a beautiful Bundl book. You'll get a message each time someone adds to the book.

Relax and wait for the surprise:

Now, you can sit back and relax. We'll take care of everything else. Within two weeks, they'll get a special book, sent to the address you provided, filled with loving messages and pictures from their loved ones. It's a gift they'll for sure cherish.

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